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We specialize in technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property, especially in terms of projects and products developed basing on the know-how, copyright and industrial property rights. We have broad experience in commercialization of both IT projects and projects derived from the natural sciences. We realize that commercialization is a complex process.

This is mainly due to the interconnection of legal, financial and business aspects of each project from one side, and scientific, technical and technological issues on the other side, which are an integral part of intellectual property. That is why we offer our customers complete support in the commercialization process in following fields:

  • essential (analysis of commercial and scientific potential, technology audits, technological purity and patentability, state of the art),
  • business (commercialization models, business models, financial mechanisms, business plans),
  • financial (valuation, profitability analyses, financial models, costs and tax optimizing, as well as funds raising),
  • legal (agreement samples, legal analyses, protective mechanisms),
  • negotiating (negotiation of business conditions and agreements),
  • networking (relations with licensees and licensors, customers, investors, funds, strategic and industry partners),
  • personal (search for appropriate incentives, valuation of inventors' expertise and business skills, analysis of characters, exploiting sources of motivation).


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