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David Egilman believes that corporations have minimised their costs by exposing their employees - as well as the public - to the risk of health loss, also posing a threat to the environment.This is why he has become the one feared by companies during court cases where victims fight for their rights.

Last summer, David Egilman testified in a lawsuit filed by 22 women who claimed to have developed ovarian cancer through exposure to baby powder produced by Johnson & Johnson. They maintained that the talc was contaminated with asbestos and exposed them to the carcinogenic effects of this fiber which most likely played an important part in the development of their diseases.

During a last year's conversation, Egilman explained that being a doctor makes it possible for him to treat one patient at a time, adding that his presence in the courtroom during class action procedures gives him the potential to save millions. 

Broadly speaking, David Egilman claims that both corporate money and power have not only intimidated scientists, but also had a detrimental influence on science and research which is currently responsible for health losses experienced by many people. Throughout the last 35 years, he has testified with regard to more than 600 cases of occupational or environmental diseases as an expert witness. He has helped win billions of dollars for injured employees, employees affected by diseases, consumers and the families of the deceased victims. Egilman subjects the data of harmed patients to analysis, due to which it is possible for him to gain insight into corporate records that are disclosed in the course of such litigations. What he constantly manages to find among them includes notes and research proving that particular companies had had prior knowledge of relevant industrial hazards long before court disputes were initiated.

Egilman estimates to have earned more than USD 5 million with regard to such fully legal work.He donated a part of his fees to charities, including a nonprofit organisation established to improve health in developing countries.

Source: Sciencemag

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