Step closer to new drug for schizophrenia



A schizophrenia drug by the Alkermes company has successfully completed phase 3 of trials, as a result of which it will be officially submitted for approval to FDA in mid-2019.It was observed that patients gained their weight at a slower pace with regard to olanzapine - the antipsychotic providing a basis for the new therapy.

While olanzapine is one of the most frequently applied therapies among those targeted at schizophrenia, it may still cause a number of adverse effects - such as metabolic issues and a tremendous increase in one's body weight.This is the reason why Eli Lilly - a company that sells olanzapine under the name of Zyprexa - had to add a warning label indicating the risk in 2007.The drug developed by Alkermes, ALKS-3831, combines olanzapine with samidorphan, the latter being an opioid antagonist designed to act against the said adverse side effects.

Christoph Correll, a professor of psychiatry and molecular medicine at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, states that a new drug of this kind -  not only offering the powerful efficacy of olanzapine, but also achieving it without affecting the patient's weight in a negative way - would complement the treatment of schizophrenia in a significant way.


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