Opportunity to fight drug resistance of bacteria



The resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is constantly increasing, due to which effective treatment is becoming more and more difficult.About 10 years ago, Acinetobacterbaumannii was classified as one of the six most common and severe pathogens.However, the analysis of its genes may generate a breakthrough that has been awaited for by the health sector for years.

Acinetobacterbaumannii possesses a well-developed capability for rapidly spreading, e.g. in hospitals, and causing life-threatening infections, such as sepsis or pneumonia.The bacteria is resistant to antibiotic-based treatment, forming a specific "capsule" that becomes its shelter.Scientists could not determine the operating principle of this defensive mechanism for a long time.However, a team of researchers of Tufts University School of Medicine have published new research findings that explain how A. baumannii builds the said coating, thus evading the influence of antibiotics. A network of molecules that turn certain genes on and off turned out to be the crucial thing.

The discovered molecular network is called BfmRS.It became possible to reprogram the genes of A. baumannii through RNA sequencing.Due to this, it became clear that BfmRS is responsible both for the genes related to cell division and those associated with the creation of the protective coating.What is more, its mutations make it possible for the bacterium to resist antibiotics without any involvement of BfmRS.The opportunity to combat infections caused by virulent and drug-resistant bacteria became of interest within academic and industrial circles.Macrolide Pharma ? which has already acquired USD 20 million to spend on further works - became the main player here.


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