NIK on Commercialisation of Scientific Research in Poland



Najwyższa Izba Kontroli (NIK), the Supreme Chamber of Control of the Republic of Poland, has assessed the efficiency of support granted to the commercialisation of scientific research in Poland. The subject of evaluation was related to the programmes under the execution of Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego (MNiSW) - the Ministry of Higher Education - and Narodowe Centrum Rozwoju (NCBiR), the National Centre for Research and Development.

In the summarised results of the inspection, one may read that "the expenditures on the support of commercialisation of scientific research (as assumed by MNiSW and NCBiR) have not yielded the expected results within the adopted time horizon. The projects and programmes funded have not been financed in a sustainable manner, they would be delayed and subject to poor supervision. The defects present in the system for the support of commercialisation of scientific research have resulted in the worse-than-anticipated increase in the innovativeness of Polish economy".

NIK also notes that Polish Higher Education Institutions would undertake numerous activities aimed at ensuring the legal protection of intellectual property arisen as a result of research conducted therein, while "the patents obtained would be characterised by a low potential for commercialisation". Furthermore, "the Higher Education Institutions subject to inspection undertook a number of activities for the science-to-business transfer of technology, while the effects of such operations would be mostly unsatisfactory".

Additionally, NIK indicated the main barriers within the process of commercialisation of scientific research in Poland. These are particularly:

  • low interest in innovation among entrepreneurs,
  • specific structure of economy, with 95% of it constituted by micro-enterprises and merely 0,2% composed of large companies bearing interest in innovation,
  • poor cooperation capabilities characterising the interoperability of scientific and business sectors.

There was also a positive side to the assessment, related to such initiatives as: Innotech, Program Badań Stosowanych (the Applied Research Programme), TOP 500 Innovators, Brokerzy Innowacji (Innovation Brokers) or Inkubator Innowacyjności (the Incubator of Innovation).

The full version of the report is available on the web page of NIK.



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