Mediocre effectiveness of modern flu vaccines



It turns out that cell-based flu vaccines are only slightly better in terms of effectiveness when compared to those of the previous generation.The opinion has been confirmed by the research conducted by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration).

The recently carried out research on hen egg-based flu vaccines have demonstrated their allegedly low efficiency with regard to antiviral protection.However, it turned out that new vaccines ? using a cell-based technology - are only a bit better. There were observations on a group composed of seniors conducted, while the progress of tests they involved was supervised by FDA.

It is difficult to clearly state that flu vaccines provide help to people over the age of 65, as their effectiveness only reaches 24%. Fluvelvax is a cell-based product manufactured by Sequirs corporation; it offered the best efficiency at the rate of 26.5%. Seniors are particularly susceptible to influenza, being collectively known as difficult to undergo successful treatment. Still, both Sequirs and Sanofi offer certain products as specially designed for persons above 65 years of age, meant to induce a stronger immune response.

However, it is not possible to say that the effects of flu vaccines are so poor that it makes no sense to get oneself vaccinated. The rate of their general effectiveness during the season of 2017-2018 reached 36%. Various companies are making continuous efforts to improve their products so that their action may not only encompass many viral strains, but also last for a few seasons.


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