Is menopause over?



The KaNDy Therapeutics company has raised necessary funds to commence a phase 2b trial within the scope of its nonhormonal therapy for the symptoms of menopause.The company raised about USD 32 million.

The drug NT-814 is described as a first-in-its-class antagonist of neurokinin-1,3 receptor, having potential for use in the treatment of postmenopausal vasomotor symptoms (PMVMS), such as hot flashes and cases of night-time awakenings.KaNDy claims that this cash injection will allow them for the completion of a clinical trial phase 2b, due to be performed before the end of this year.The results are expected in the second half of 2019.

If the therapy proves to be effective, NT-814 may become an alternative to hormonal PMVMS-targeted therapies which are getting less and less popular due to their adverse side effects: breast cancer, heart diseases, stroke and blood clots.

"Our investors and the KaNDy management team are united by the common belief that NT-814 has the potential to be a transformational treatment for the millions of women worldwide who suffer debilitating symptoms of the menopause," said Mary Kerr, Ph.D., the General Manager of the biotech.


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