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A transplant of pancreatic cells may become the main type of treatment applied to the diabetics suffering from type 1 diabetes. However, there is one considerable problem related to it. The transplanted cells are reluctant to form a network of blood vessels that is essential for the distribution of insulin.However, a new tissue-based method is coming to the aid.

Scientists from the U.S. and Japan have developed an innovative tissue engineering method to deal with the problem of faulty blood flow occurring after a pancreatic cell transplant has been performed.They made use of this discovery by creating pancreatic islets that have entirely alleviated a serious case of type 1 diabetes in mice.

Human pancreatic islets have a propensity for losing their blood vessels while being prepared for a transplant.Attempts to fight the phenomenon had mostly been unsuccessful and this was the reason why scientists under the guidance of Takanori Takebe of Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Hideki Taniguchi of YCU have created a technique named "self-condensation cell culture", aimed at accelerating the vascularisation of already transplanted tissues. The team have subjected the method combining mesenchymal stem cells and human endothelial cells with human pancreatic cells, the cells of mice and pluripotent stem cells to tests.The creation of pancreatic islets commenced after certain genetic and biochemical material had been added.The self-condensation of islets of human and mouse origin with endothelial cells not only boosted the functionalisation but also improved the quality of the transplant itself.The research findings are very promising, while there is still considerable amount of effort needed to make the therapy widely applied to humans.


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