Great Britain encourages research and development of antibiotics



Great Britain would like the international community to develop a coordinated incentive system for developing antimicrobials. The country's government representatives presented the idea in a report displaying how the British authorities wish to solve the problem of drug-resistant bacteria over the following five years.

Over recent years, Great Britain has tried to make its way to the vanguard of countries aiming to resolve the problem of antimicrobial resistance through activities that encompass a five-year strategy and an independent review. Presently, the British have presented a new strategy for the next five and twenty years in order to continue global actions against the antimicrobial resistance. The five-year plan encompasses a section devoted to the development of new therapeutical methods. In view of the long waiting for a new class of antibiotics, as well as factors discouraging the use of new products, the British government wishes to promote interest in this domain anew, offering incentives to those developing drugs.

The emphasis on encouraging the research and development of antibiotics is based on an assumption that the shortage of new drugs is due to the lack of a business case - at least partially. The explanation behind that there is a shortage of new antibiotics is accounted for by the fact that certain well-financed R&D groups have been unsuccessfully trying to make progress for years. For example, GlaxoSmithKline documented its long running research concerning the use of a discovery related to the sequencing of a complete bacterial genome in a new generation of antibiotics. Still, the anticipated breakthrough has never materialised which made the company withdraw from the field.


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