FDA approves world's first analgesic nerve stimulator



FDA authorised the placing on the market of a dual-lead device for peripheral nerve stimulation.It is SPR Therapeutics which is accountable for this discovery.The stimulator will provide a minimally invasive and non-opioid alternative aimed to deal with acute and chronic pain, both of post-operative and post-traumatic types.

The Sprint system - based in Cleveland, the location of its development - encompasses both the single-lead-type Endura and Extensa: the industry's first device that allows doctors to implant patients having extensive injuries with a stimulator. During such outpatient treatments, doctors place percutaneous leads on patients' backs or limbs with no need to perform any surgical incisions or anesthetics.As far as the single, portable and electronic pulse generator is concerned, it is equipped with a storage battery and a Bluetooth-compatible remote control.

"Our Sprint PNS platform is designed to deliver the least invasive and most user-friendly PNS therapy experience for physicians and their patients," Maria Bennett - the founder, president and CEO of SPR Therapeutics - said in her statement.

The entirety of device components undergo removal at the end of the period of one's treatment, contrary to similar systems that require permanent subcutaneous implants. Current studies confirmed the reduction of post-amputation pain by at least 50% in 2/3 patients after 8 weeks of treatment.Furthermore, 4 out of 5 patients reported long-lasting relief from pain after 12-month studies had been completed.


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