Cuts in Novartis



Jay Bradner has announced that Novartis has closed down one-fifth of its programs related to drugs.The cuts are meant to constrain the overly expanded volume of Novartis' pipeline and terminate therapies that do not conform to the current policy of the company.

The company audited 430 drug programs, while 340 of them have been favourably evaluated.So far, Novartis has not made available specific information on what programs have been affected by the issue.

Bradner stated that the saddest thing about the 90 programs was that they had provided frameworks for a lot of great and ambitious research effort. He later added that those projects could not be considered bad, as a lot of them demonstrated certain potential, while failing to prove groundbreaking in terms of patient needs or not conforming to the business ambitions of Novartis.

While recent third-quarter results for Novartis contained information related to its drug-related plans and programs, they lacked any mention on the scale of cuts Bradner described.


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