New gene therapy to cure heart


Researchers at a children's hospital in Boston have developed a new gene therapy method. It is possible to be used not only with regard to an inherited form of heart arrhythmia, but also those heart diseases that are characterised by irregular heartbeat.

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Gene-controlling tags can help in modern therapies


The concept that chemical tags on genes may affect their expression without any alteration of the DNA sequence is surprising. Still, the so-called RNA epigenetics is crucial both for the expression of genes and development of diseases. Today we can use this knowledge.

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France surprises with views


France, namely the cradle of the world's fastest passenger airliner, the face transplant and the first HIV isolation is distrustful of vaccines and the economic value of science. Over 140 countries participated in a global public opinion survey. France turned out to be the most prejudiced.

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Artificial Intelligence ready to revolutionise medical care


Research centers are incessantly developing new algorithms of artificial intelligence (AI) that are oriented at supporting medicine. It is already possible to diagnose pneumonia this way, among others.

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