Squeezing a perovskite can improve its capabilities


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Scientists from Stanford University discovered that squeezing the perovskite crystal can change its absorbance spectrum and increase the performance of solar cell made of perovskite material.

Solar cells made of perovskites are lately a hot topic, especially in Poland where thanks to Olga Malinkiewicz and her company - Saule Technologies - almost everyone knows that perovskites and solar cells have a lot in common.

The cited work was published yesterday in ACS Central Science Journal. In experiment a hybrid perovskite material made of lead, iodine or bromine and organic compounds, was investigated. Perovskite crystals were placed in so called diamond-anvil cell, a high-pressure device consisting of two opposing diamonds. Results of this experiment were visible with a bare eye - under compression a normally orange sample lost a little of its color what indicates that the perovskite was absorbing higher-energy light waves. Interestingly, when the pressure was further increased, the sample darkened, indicating that lower-energy light was also being absorbed. Another important observation was that higher pressure improved the conductivity of a sample. Authors suggest that in the future the pressure will be used to improve the perovskite solar cells performance in a predictable way.

Original paper: A. Jaffe et al., ACS Cent. Sci., early access
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