Microrobots delivering drugs inside the body created



Minute robot swarms that deliver drugs into the body are what scientists and Science-fiction authors dream of.While their prototypes have already existed, they would fail due to poorly functioning wireless communication.Now, the things have changed.

Scientists have just developed robots having the length of 1 mm and being capable of forming various shapes together.This makes them grab or crawl by means of special magnets used as remote control units.Previously created versions would not be very flexible but researchers embedded particles of neodymium magnets within less elastic materials, having learnt to reverse the polarity of said magnets in selected sections.This made it possible to create bots that are capable of making 3D movements.

The discovery is very forward-looking while it still requires the replacement of neodymium that is toxic for humans with another element, e.g. iron.This, in turn, brings on the problem of using much stronger magnets for manipulating bots that could assist surgical procedures, drug transport, as well serve as extra-medical purposes, such as performing activities related to operating factories. Despite their advancement, the microrobots discovered are cheap and easy in terms of their utility.

Source: Sciencemag

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