China to modify animals for meat, therapies and organs


Currently, China has got at least four CRISPR research groups that deal with gene editing with large monkey colonies. Thanks to the combination of patience, ingeniousness and immense animal resources, they are using the CRISPR method to create an amazing range of monkeys subject to genome editing. ...

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Forests can help regulate global warming


If current trends are continued, global temperatures may rise by 1.5 °C over the preindustrial level as soon as in 2030. However, trees can help hold back the climate crisis.

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Drinking water for everyone


Solar systems can use the sun to evaporate contaminated or salty water so that the vapour can be condensed into the form of safe drinking water. These large and expensive devices can produce a sufficient quantity of water for a small family, yet the price of a system of this kind presents a barrier. ...

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Laser may be used for detection of tumour cells


Researchers have created a device that uses a laser beam irradiating blood vessels. It is possible to detect tumour cells this way.

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