End of research on cat parasites?


Throughout the last 37 years, a small research laboratory located in Beltsville, Maryland, has been a leading facility for researchers working on Toxoplasma gondii. It is a parasite that infects over one billion people worldwide, causing death, blindness and birth defects (mostly in children) in ...

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Electricity can improve one's short-term memory


Even during an ordinary activity of reading, the words are "held within the brain" for a few seconds, eventually enabling us to understand them as a whole. In the meantime, our neurons transmit batches of electrical impulses. As we get older, the mechanism becomes unreliable which, in ...

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Is it possible that humans have sixth sense?


Biophysicist Joe Kirschving and his team used recordings of the brain to search for a sixth sense in humans. It turns out that – similarly to other animals – the human is capable of sensing the magnetic field of the Earth.

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Innovative way to store energy comes up


New fuel cells may help store electricity obtained from renewable sources – such as wind farms – by converting it into a chemical fuel that is suitable for long-term storage. When needed, it will be possible to convert them back to electricity.

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