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Startit Fund Ltd. is a first Poland-based company combining functionality of technology transfer office and investment fund possibilities.

We are experienced and reliable partner for all entities seeking a trustworthy professional to delegate commercialization and investment process. We dedicate our services in particular to all inventors of innovative solutions, scientists, business angels, investment funds, technology transfer offices, business incubators, science and technology parks, technology companies as well as to companies and other organizations that actively participate in the process of commercialization of innovative solutions.

We have been contributing to a more innovative world since 2013. Our business profile finds its roots in unique competences of our team members, gained over specialized studies and many years of professional work, while for the business model we are inspired by the experience of the worldwide leaders in intellectual property management industry.

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Phone: +48 71 725 34 10
e-mail: office@startitfund.pl

Office address
ul. E. Kwiatkowskiego 4, 52-326 Wrocław, Poland

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