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Science Intelligence


Bacteria found way for effective intestinal colonisation

Antibodies constitute one of the most effective defensive mechanisms of the organism against pathogens. Still, one of these proteins facilitates the occurrence of permanent intestinal colonisation by certain bacteria – which also affects health.

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Mitochondrial DNA plays a part in metastases

Recent experiments on mice have demonstrated that mitochondria – both as present within a cancerous tumor and outside of its structure – affect the spread of cancer in terms of catalysing or inhibiting the process. Everything depends on their origins.

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CRISPR tool to become more precise from now on

While the genome editing method CRISPR is groundbreaking, it is unfortunately not yet perfect. It may lead to the emergence of mutations in random sites of the genome and is only applicable to a limited part of it. Various scientific groups are carrying out continuous research on improving the performance of this tool and everything seems to ...

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What will the year 2018 bring to the science sector (Part II)?

Many factors will affect the development of science in 2018. Apart from the previously mentioned political questions, the finalisation of ongoing scientific research and exploration of space will also have crucial parts to play.

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What will the year 2018 bring to the science sector (Part 1)?

It is certain that political changes are to clearly influence the development of science in the forthcoming year. This is due to decisions of a number of countries – both in the territory of Europe and the remaining parts of the world.

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Faulty agricultural practice leads to food contamination with deadly toxin

It turns out that aflatoxin, an exceptionally dangerous toxin, may appear in cereals, corn, rice and nuts that are intended for consumption or processing due to faults committed during crop cultivation. This toxic substance is produced by a fungus named Aspergillus flavus and may cause stunted growth in children, liver cancer and, when consumed in ...

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Nobel Prize for research on biological clock

Three scientists from the U.S. were awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The research concerned the synchronisation of the organism with the circadian rhythm on Earth.

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Bees dying out due to pesticides

Europe’s largest field research on pesticides has proven that neonicotinoids – used for agricultural purposes – may be detrimental both to honey and wild bees. The monitoring has lasted for 2 years, encompassing 33 agricultural sites in the territories of Great Britain, Hungary and Germany.

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Manipulation of DNA made even easier

A new tool has enabled scientists to perform the manipulation of genomic DNA of virtually any animal, proving to be exceptionally flexible and effective. The CRISPR system will serve the modification of gene expression in order to improve the understanding of the functions of genes.

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Medicine to raise the dead

Belgian neuroscientists have made it possible for people affected by a condition identified as cerebral death to return to life. In order to achieve this, life function-restoring electrical impulses of 7-day efficiency that also recover one's brain activity have been applied.

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Weapon against HIV at fingertips

The research results that explicitly demonstrate the presence of an already-existing method for halting the spread of HIV were published in Molecular Therapy scientific journal on May 3. All of that has been made possible thanks to the technology of genetic modification.

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WHO publishes a list of bacteria dangerous to humanity

On February 27, WHO published a list of antibiotic-resistant pathogens that should be given the highest priority with regard to the discovery or invention of new drugs intended to combat them. There are 12 families of bacteria placed on the list as - according to WHO - posing the greatest threat to humanity.

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Zombie invasion of Chicago to take two months to happen

The researchers of Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) have developed a computational model which makes them capable of predicting the rate at which diseases spread. In order to test the model, they asked themselves the question of how long would the transformation of the entire population of Chicago into zombies take.

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"One Health" initiative

"One Health" initiative was first put forward at the beginning of the 21st century. Its name manages to summarise the concept that has been known for at least a century within two words only - namely, that both human and animal health are mutually dependent on each other, also being linked to the health status of entire ecosystems they ...

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Not Only MERS Comes from Camels

There was a research work published in the August issue of reputable PNAS magazine, with its authors reporting that MERS-CoV is not the only zoonotic virus having its source in dromedary camels.

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Blue Energy in the Nano Size

As reported by phys.org web page, As reported by phys.org web page, a team of researchers from Switzerland and the USA built a micro device generating electricity based on the osmosis phenomenon. The device is composed of a three-atoms-thick molybdenum membrane (molybdenum disulfide) and two water containers. One of the vessels contains fresh ...

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Scientists have discovered how birds activate their ultraviolet vision

Certain species of birds, such as the chaffinch or sparrow, may also see ultraviolet light aside from their perception of visible light. Therefore, they are able to transmit information between each other in a way that is invisible to other species. Recent studies reveal ...

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Promising research on therapeutic cancer vaccines

In the latest issue of "Nature" magazine group of Prof. Ugur Sahin published their promising results on therapeutic cancer vaccines. The researchers from German Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz have developed a new ...

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State of the World's Plants Report

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew released in May its State of the World’s Plants Report. The study encompasses the assessment of current knowledge concerning the diversity of world’s plants, the description and assessment of hazards, as well as the evaluation of preventive attempts made to avoid them.

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Left uncontrolled, weeds would destroy even a half of crop yields

Scientists from Weed Science Society of America and Kansas State University conducted a 7 years research regarding the weed influence on corn and soybeans yields in the U.S. and Canada. The study showed that if weeds were allowed to grow with no control measures, about half of corn and soybean crops would be lost.

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Location data from two apps enables to identify the user

Scientists and engineers from Columbia University and Google identified a new threats for the web and mobile app users privacy. They have demonstrated that location-tagged posts on two social apps are enough to identify the user.

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Squeezing a perovskite can improve its capabilities

Scientists from Stanford University discovered that squeezing the perovskite crystal can change its absorbance spectrum and increase the performance of solar cell made of perovskite material.

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Biological robots

Researchers from the University of Illinois developed microscopic biological robots (bio-bots), composed of muscle cells and artificial skeleton printed on a 3D printer.

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Adult brain is not hardwired

For many years it was believed that the possibilities of reorganization in the adult brain are negligible. However, more and more studies suggests that adult brain plasticity is surprisingly high and may even lead to the adoption of completely new functions by areas fulfilling usually another tasks.

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Another (polish) step towards saving the bees

Researchers from the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the National Veterinary Institute have identified a mixture of 57 kinds of pesticides and their metabolites in poisoned bees. A new method of detecting a range of pesticides can help solve the mystery of bee extinction process and contribute to the development of rescue methods.

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Experimental therapy against blood cancer successful

Researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle claim extraordinary success of experimental therapy using patient’s own engineered T-cells against blood cancer. Twenty- seven out of 29 patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) showed no trace of cancer in their bone marrow following the infusion.

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Groundbreaking observation of gravitational waves

On September 14, 2015 at 09:50:45 UTC the two detectors of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) simultaneously observed a transient gravitational-wave signal generated by two merging black holes. Observation was made almost a century after Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves.

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The genetic origins of schizophrenia revealed

According to the article published on the www.medicalxpress.com website, a new study published in the January 27, 2016 issue of Nature revealed that the risk of schizophrenia can be increased if a person inherits particular structural form of gene related to complement component 4 (C4) protein.

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New largest prime number found

On January 7th, the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) project announced the discovery of the new largest known prime number, having 22 338 618 digits. Dr. Curtis Cooper, a volunteer that participate in GIMPS program, used one of his university's computers to pinpoint a new prime.

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New LED with luminescent proteins

According to Plataforma SINC scientists from Germany and Spain have developed a method of preparing a new biological LEDs (BioLEDs) based on the luminescent proteins placed in a polymer matrix. The obtained structure has a form of a rubber. Device emits white light using a blue or ultraviolet LED as a backlight and a combination of new luminescent ...

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World's first sonic tractor beam

British researchers introduced the world's first sonic tractor beams that lift and move objects using soundwaves.

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Business Intelligence


New concept for treatment of hemophilia B

CRISPR tool for gene editing will soon become capable of providing hemophilia B patients with help, for it turned out that a transplant of liver cells modified through this method may replace standard injections received by hemophiliac patients.

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Evelo seeks to raise USD 100 mln for testing monoclonal microbials on humans

Evelo Bioscience is preparing for subjecting their groundbreaking therapy – relying on microbial strains – to tests conducted on humans. They are to serve the treatment of inflammatory processes and cancer. To this end, the company is planning to obtain USD 100 mln from public investors.

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Dark clouds over controversial pesticides

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in Parma has finally determined that neonicotinoids pose a threat to wild bees and honey bee-keeping. However, the decision is being contested by Bayer company – their manufacturer.

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Cells as data recorders

The market of recording devices may undergo a significant change in the nearest future. Scientists have used CRISPS-Cas9 – a popular tool for gene-editing – and transformed the DNA of a cell in a way enabling it to record both the duration and sequence of events occuring within the cell.

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Groundbreaking veterinary medicine registered by EMA

EMA has authorised the first veterinary medicinal product based on a monoclonal antibody. Cytopoint will be used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in dogs.

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FDA approves unconventional gene therapy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved a novel gene therapy named Luxturna. It will allow for preventing blindness in those children and adults who suffer from an inherited type of the loss of vision. No similar product to cure a disease of this kind, caused by a mutation within a specific gene, has so far been approved in ...

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Living cells to produce ecological plastics

Natural organic compunds that contain fluorine are rarities, as the predominant number of living organisms is not capable of producing them on their own. Despite this, American researchers have managed to genetically modify a microbiological host that began synthetising a monomer for in vivo production of biominerals, allowing for the creation of ...

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Stocks of AlderBiopharmaceuticals to lay hold of

AlderBiopharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical giant, is yet offering its stocks – valued at USD 150 million – for sale again. The funds such acquired are to facilitate both the development of a new medicine for the prevention of migraine and said company’s struggle with large competitors, such as Amgen and Eli Lilly.

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Merck climbs to the top of vaccine market

Last year Evaluate company announced that GlaxoSmithKline will have become the leader of vaccine market by year 2022, as directly followed by Sanofi, Pfizer and Merck, in this particular order. Whereas the leader is supposed to remain the same, earlier forecasts pertaining to the other players have already changed.

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Tester to analyse genotypes and identify diseases

23andMe company, the producer of commonly available DNA tester, is additionally to inform its customers of the risk of being affected by serious diseases from now on. Such data would previously be not provided to them, and so on account of legal regulations.

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The global programme to combat most dangerous epidemics

Recurring outbreaks of such epidemics as SARS, Zika or Ebola virus diseases, as well as their fatal toll, still remind us of our powerlessness. In order to gain the ability to counteract it, a programme aimed at creating supplies of vaccines for the most dangerous epidemic diseases was launched on January 19.

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The production of plastics - new tendencies of the 21st century

The 21st century is to pose a lot of challenges for humanity. The imminent depletion of the deposits of crude oil (petroleum) is one of them. It is the major raw material used for the manufacture of polymers, including the so-called "Big Six" category (polyethylene of high and low density, polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene and polyester). ...

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The Story of a Certain Takeover: Bayer vs Monsanto - an Update

Everything indicates that Bayer is to take over Monsanto after all - the 14th of September, both companies announced that the agreement would definitely be signed. The negotiations had lasted since the beginning of May.

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FDA Banned the Use of 19 Antibacterial Substances in Soaps

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the use of 19 antibacterial substances in soaps. The aforementioned category, in addition to conventional bar soaps, also includes liquid soaps, foam and gel-based hand cleaners, as well as body washes (applied with water). The main reason behind the decision of FDA is the lack of sufficient evidence that ...

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Gene Therapy with Money-Return Guarantee

As reported by MIT Technology Review website, the latest gene therapy for children suffering from ADA-SCID will be offered with a money-return guarantee. ADA-SCID is a rare immunological disorder resulting in that the organisms of children are not capable of fighting common infections. Typically, young patients affected die within the first few ...

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The Story of a Certain Takeover: Bayer vs Monsanto, Round Two

Recently Bayer placed an official offer to purchase the American tycoon in the market of Life Sciences – Monsanto. The company offered the amount of 62 billion U.S. dollars (USD 122 per stock) to perform the transaction. The resources to execute the takeover would be derived from the issue of stocks and via debt financing. Despite informal talks ...

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Profits from innovations in the pharmaceutical industry are decreasing

The pharmaceutical sector is perceived as being among the most innovative ones that allocate the most resources to its development activities. However, as noted in the report released by Deloitte, this activity is becoming less and less profitable. It turns out that the return rate from investments made into pharmaceutical innovations is ...

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NIK on Commercialisation of Scientific Research in Poland

Najwyższa Izba Kontroli (NIK), the Supreme Chamber of Control of the Republic of Poland, has assessed the efficiency of support granted to the commercialisation of scientific research in Poland. The subject of evaluation was related to the programmes under the execution of Ministerstwo Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego (MNiSW) – the Ministry of ...

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Polish biotechnology in 2014

Graphical overview of polish biotech market in 2014.

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Pharmaceutical hits in 2016

Analysts from EvaluatePharma selected drugs currently under review by FDA which have the biggest chance to pay off by 2020. Here we present the summary of top 10.

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The best and the worst drugs approved by FDA in 2015

According to BiotechFierce, in 2015 Food and Drug Agency (FDA) approved 45 new drugs. It’s the largest number since 1996. Here we present the summary of Big Pharma companies having last year the highest success with new drug approvals (in terms of potential sales revenue).

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Company life


An entry to the ASI Managing Register

We hereby would like to inform you that the Management Board of Startit Fund Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] adopted the resolutions of following numbers on May 26, 2017: 1/5/2017, 2/5/2017 and 3/5/2017. They regard such respective notions as the assignment of Company's previous service activity to its subsidiary, the adoption of Investment Policy of its ...

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Meeting Application Received Favourable Opinion under GO_GLOBAL.PL Programme

The National Centre for Research and Development settled the second edition of GO_GLOBAL.PL competition where one of our portfolio companies participated – Meeting Application.

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WallStreet conference 2016

Between June 3rd and 5th we have participated in 20th edition of WallStreet conference organized by Stowarzyszenie Inwestorów Indywidualnych (Individual Investors Association), which was held in Gołębiewski hotel in Karpacz. One of the conference partners was our portfolio company Meeting Application.

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New investment - Meeting Application Ltd.

We are pleased to announce that the Startit Fund Group has a new member – the Meeting Application Ltd. Company offers the mobile application dedicated to support events like conferences, meetings, fairs and so on. It was created to assist the event leaders on the all stages of the event organizing process by enabling to share with the attendees ...

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New company launch - Startit Vet Ltd.

We are pleased to announce, that together with Infini Investment Fund we have launched a new company Startit Vet Ltd. The main goal of the company is to commercialize an intellectual property right concerning new solution for veterinary industry. The project concerns use of chitosan polymer for the treatment and prophylaxis of infections caused by ...

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BioForum Conference

On May 20-21st 2015 we will traditionally participate in BioForum Conference, which is planned to take place in Wroclaw this time. We invite you to visit our stand.

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First Cluster World Congress

Between March 24th and 26th in Dabrowa Gornicza First Cluster World Congress took place - the event which is expected to have serious impact on technology transfer process not only in Poland, but also all over the world. During the event, we also had an opportunity to play the role of a panelist and to discuss cooperation of start-ups and investors ...

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Conference Innovative Wroclaw

On February 25th 2015, we participated in conference Innovated Wroclaw, which took place at Campus Pracze in Wroclaw Research Center EIT+ Ltd. as part of iLab initiative. Particularly noteworthy was the discussion concerning Design Thinking concept, as effective tool for solving nowadays complex problems, as well as discussion about real obstacles ...

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First year of operation

We have left behind us very intense and interesting first year of operation. We are thankful for the trust in us to those of you who already benefited from our services and we invite you to further cooperation. We wish you a successful and happy New Year!

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Bioforum 2014

On May 28-29th together with association Bioregion Wielkopolska we have participated in Bioforum 2014. The event traditionally provided unforgettable experience. Thank you for the time that we have spent together.

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Conference of General Meeting of a Regional Chamber of Commerce

On May 16th 2014 we will participate in programme conference of General Meeting of a Regional Chamber of Commerce ?Support for enterprenuers in new financial perspective 2014 - 2020? in Katowice. See you there!

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Academia Innovation Incubator

We are glad to inform that Startit Fund has been chosen to lead a seed fund "Academia Innovation Incubator - Projects Exchange" that is run by Data Techno Park Ltd. The fund is co-financed by Polish Agency for Enterpreneurship Development from Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Activity no. 3.1.

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Pro-Academy Center of Research and Innovation

We are pleased to announce the signing of the agreement with Pro-Academy Center of Research and Innovation as part of system project of Polish Agency for Enterprise Development "NSI of NSS Consultancy for Innovators", implemented under the Operational Program Innovative Economy, priority axis 5 ?Diffussion of Innovation?, Activity 5.2 ...

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Adress change

Starting from February 1st 2014 office of our company is located at Kutnowska Str. 1-3, 53-135 Wroclaw. Welcome!

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Meeting with Deputy Prime Minister

On November 29th 2013 we participated in meeting with Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Poland Mr. Janusz Piechocinski. The meeting was organized by Lower Silesia Innovation and Science Park. The discussion concerned mainly innovativeness of polish economy in context of new Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

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Professional Investor conference

Between 22nd and 24th of November 2013 in Wladyslawowo the latest edition of Professional Investor conference was held. As usual the conference was organized by the Association of Individual Investors, the largest investor organization in our part of Europe. As every year the conference provided unforgettable experience during the numerous lectures ...

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